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film_land Phase 1 ending on March 15th
Phase 2 starting around March 22nd

Film Land is a land community dedicated only to movies! We have a wide variety of challenges -- writing, graphics, games, and team challenges! We currently have 4 teams that you will be sorted into -- Team Action, Team Comedy, Team Horror and Team Romance.
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{lost} claire/charlie - made for eachoth

117 Multifandom Icon Dump

Multifandom Icon Post .. some of these are newer, some are gifts/requests/challenge entries and some are old and just haven't gotten posted yet. So, I guess you could say I am starting 2012 off with a bit of an icon dump!

20: Buffyverse
14: The Secret Circle
35: The Vampire Diaries
16: Lost
08: Other TV Shows (Ringer, Once Upon a Time, Castle)
17: Stock (Coffee, Animals)
11: Celebs (Alexis Bledel, Kirsten Stewart, Amanda Seyfriend, Candice Accola)

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